MRC Event Management Office

“Name the event and we we’ll manage it for you”

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The MRC Event Management Office comprises of a highly motivated team with a wealth of experience in conceptualizing and managing national and international conferences and events allowing you to focus your time on what matters most. Over the last 15 years, our success has been striving to excellent customer services, increasing attendees, decreasing cost and professionalism which is what makes an event successful.

The South African Medical Research Council has a strong financial management service system in place. Income, such as sponsorship, registration and exhibition stand fees, is also managed by our office. A draft budget is given to clients and a financial report is compiled at the end of the event.

The MRC Event office is an Accredited International Professional Conference Organizer (SAACI)

Where do we manage events?
Our events have been successfully managed in South Africa (All Provinces), African countries (Burkina Fasso, Cameroon and Tanzania) as well as internationally.